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The name biomea derives from the Greek word bios meaning ‘life’ and the Latin word mea meaning ‘my’. At biomea we are developing medicines to improve the life of the individual.

Biomea Health, LLC was formed in 2017 by a small group of biotech executives. We are dedicated to developing highly selective medicines for patients. It is our goal to design and clinically develop patient friendly therapies with higher efficacy than the current standard of care. The more precise a therapeutic agent is targeted to the individual needs of patients the better the potential outcome.

Currently we focus on two disease areas, infectious diseases and oncology. Each of these areas have high mortality rates and inadequate treatment options. Our infectious disease program is focused on ‘super bugs’, those bacteria that are resistant to almost any existing antibiotic, typically caused by DNA changes in the bacteria. Such changes make effective treatments very difficult. With our oncology program we are also focused on specific changes to the DNA of patients, which can be isolated as key drivers for certain diseases.

Utilizing our proprietary computational drug design technology, we have significantly invested in the upfront development of our targeted therapies. Currently we are conducting broad preclinical development programs for both disease areas.